The factors that affect the abilify dosage

The right dosage for schizophrenia

The right abilify dosage for the adult patient who is suffering the schizophrenia for the starting time he has to begin from 10 up to 15 mg every day. For the patient who suffers the bipolar disorder will have to start with the dosage of 15 mg The doctor may choose to decrease or to increase the amount on weekly basis whenever it is needed. If the medicine is used with another anti depressant, then the right dosage will be from 2mg up to 5 mg on daily basis. There are many factors which will dictate the right dosage that you get. Some of such factors include other medications that you may be taking, other health conditions that you may be having, the severity of the conditions that you may are suffering from, your age and the medical problems which you are begin treated. You should never try to change the instructions unless you have been instructed to do this by your doctor.

For the schizophrenia, the doctor may choose to increase the dosage up to 30 mg per day. The dosage has to be changed only for two weeks. This is to ensure that the levels of the medicine in the body is built up steady in the body. For the patients who are under the age of 17and not under 13, they have to begin the medicine at 2 mg daily. The doctor will have to increase the dosage up to 10 mg every week until the patient rich to 10 mg. In rare cases, the healthcare may increase the dose to 30 mg dosage.

The dosage for the bipolar disorder

For the patient who is suffering the bipolar disorder, the right starting abilify dosage is 15mg  every day. In case the doctor thinks that it is not enough for the treatment of your problem, then he can increase it until it reaches 30 mg dosage. The children in between 10 and 17 years, they have to begin their dosage at 2mg every day and it can be increased until it reaches 10 mg every day. However sometime the doctor may increase their the dosage up to 30 mg every day. The abilify dosage has to be taken once daily.

The dosage for the major depression in the adult is 2 to 5 mg every day.  The dosage can be increased up to 5 or 10 mg every day. The doctor should not try to increase the dosage in less time than a week. However, in some cases the doctor may increase the dosage up to 15 mg. Children who are suffering autism should take 2 mg every day. However, if the irritability symptoms are severe, then the dosage may be increased to 15mg.The abilify is normally found in the tablet form and it has to be taken orally. Even if you can take the medicine with or without the food, it is recommended to take it with the food especially if it is upsetting your stomach. The liquid form is used by the people who are not able to take the abilify dosage in tablets.


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