How to stay safe during the abilify withdrawal

Symptoms of abilify withdrawal

In case you stop taking the abilify suddenly, then you may suffer the abilify withdrawal.  The withdrawal problems may include the schizophrenia symptoms, bipolar disorder symptoms and insomnia. When you want to stop taking this medicine, the healthcare provider will have to wean you off slowly so that you can reduce the symptoms that may occur. The withdrawals symptoms just like any other medication which are meant to treat bipolar, autism, major depression and schizophrenia can cause the withdrawal symptoms. Even if the abilify cannot cause the addiction, it can be abused and the brain may need to adjust when you no longer take abilify.

If you want to stop the medicine, the first step to take is to talk to your doctor. The abilify is a strong medicine and it is important if you understand all the steps involved when you want to stop it. Sometime the withdrawal symptoms can be too threatening and it may require the medical input  to help in such situation. It is always recommended that you should taper off the any medicine which may be affecting your emotional and mental state so that you can suffer less withdrawal process. The tapering has to be done over weeks and not over some days. This process has to be done cautiously and slowly as possible. If you stop the medicine at once, you may have some changes into the emotional state and it can also cause the psychosis. The people who try to wean themselves off the medicine may suffer the breakdown.

How to stop taking the abilify

To suffer less abilify withdrawal, you have to stop the medicine slowly. You may need to reduce the dosage you take on weekly basis. You can also try to reduce the dosage over some few days but if this may cause severe withdrawal symptoms. The doctor normally gives the period of 2 weeks. This also may be necessary if you are changing from a certain anti-psychotic medicine to another. You can begin the week by taking the full dose and you can continue reducing the dosage from time to another.

If you want to begin to take the new medicine, you will have to start taking it as soon as you finish weaning yourself from the abilify but you should not begin taking abilify once again. The abilify withdrawal may continue even after stopping the abilify completely. The withdrawal symptoms that you may suffer are feeling of the severe anxiety, shaking, emotional instability, suicidal thoughts, conversing and difficulty in concentrating or thinking. To avoid any complication, you have to undergo the weaning under the doctor supervision since the withdrawal may be dangerous and severe. Other symptoms that you may suffer while withdrawing may include the passive apathetic withdrawal, poor rapport and emotional withdrawal. Besides being on the look out for the withdrawal symptoms, you have also to be aware of the side effects that you can suffer while taking this medicine. Normally the side effects may look like the abilify withdrawal so you have to be aware of all the side effects that you may be suffering from before you can try to stop the medicine.


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