How to participate into the abilify coupon card as a pharmacy

Join the abilify coupon card program

If you are a pharmacist and you want to be included into the abilify coupon card program. You have to know the following. Before you can join the company, you have to fill the provided form and send it to the provided body. The voucher is redeemable only for the medications that have been printed on its back. The drugs to be covered by the vouchers are developed by the pharmacists and doctors. The drugs included are some of the commonly used medication for chronic health problems. When you redeem any card, you will be reimbursed by the company while you will also get the co-pay from the patient unless you choose to waive it at your own. The reimbursement is made into your account using direct deposit each month after submitting the prescription list and the printout of the particular month. To ensure that you are reimbursement in timely manner, you have to submit all the information early enough. You should not worry that you will lose anything when you accept the voucher since all the money that you do not receive from the customer will be reimbursed to you.

Who qualifies to use the coupon card

The abilify coupon card is for the patients who do not have the insurance coverage or the people who earn less than the federal poverty level. The patient may also be required to reside in a certain place and sometime the patient may need to provide their income documentation before they qualify for the coupon card. In case the patient has more than one prescription and he qualifies for the card, then he will have to have the card for each medication. The card can be used for both the refills and new prescription. The coupon card can be limited  and when they get finish, it means that the program can be stopped. In case the patient is not able to pay for the copay fees, then he can fill in the valid prescription for 90 days. He will also have to send in the valid voucher and a completed hardship form that has been signed by the county representative to be able to get free medicine. As a pharmacy, if you do not want to participate into the program any more, then you can terminate your participation but you have to give a notice first.

Most of the time when you go to see a doctor, you will have to leave his office to go to buy the medicine in the pharmacy. This will be the same regardless if you have already bought the medicine before or if you have just begun to use the medicine. However, the first thing to come into your mind is to try to save enough money as you can. The prescription medicines are always the part of life and there is a need to use it at one time in life. Abilify is one of the medicines which are needed by most people and there is no best way to save than looking for the abilify coupon card. 

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