Common abilify side effects to expect while taking it

Get immediate medical attention when you develop abilify side effects

While taking the abilify, you have to be always on the look out of the abilify side effects and you have to get an immediate help in case you suffer the following symptoms: the swelling of the throat, tongue, lips and face or allergic reaction such as the difficulty breathing and hives. You have to stop taking the medicine at once whenever you begin to see such symptoms and you have to talk to the doctor immediately.

Other side effects to look out for are uneven or faster heartbeats, sweating, confusion, stiff muscle and fever. Sometime you can also develop jerky muscle and you can fail to control them. Sometime you can also suffer the problems with your balance, speech and vision or you can suffer sudden headaches, weakness and confusion.  Other symptoms may include the sores in your throat or your mouth, having flu symptoms, body aches, chills and fever. Look out for the vomiting, nausea, dry skin, drowsiness, breathe odor, loss of appetite and increases urination or thirst. Sometime the abilify side effects may include urinating less often, having jaundice, the feeling as if you can pass out, having the thoughts for hurting yourself or having convulsions and seizures.

The side effects which are less often include the headaches, weight gain, sleep problems, anxiety, weakness, drowsiness, dizziness and trouble in swallowing or choking. There are other side effects that you may suffer which are not included in the list so you have to be always on the look out of any symptoms you do not understand when you begin to take abilify.

Medicines which may increase the risks of side effects

The side effects may be reduced or increased because of other medications that you may be taking with abilify. Before you take the medicine, you have to tell your doctor if you are already taking other medicines which include the medicine for anxiety, depression, seizures, muscle relaxers, sleeping pills, narcotic pain medicine and allergy medicine. They can increase the sleepiness which is developed by the abilify. Other medications to look out for include fluoxetine, quinidine, ketoconazole, rifabutin, carbamazepine and other medicines to treat heart condition or blood pressure. Many medicines can interact with abilify and it is important if you tell your doctor about all the medicine that you are taking include herbal product, vitamins, over the counter drugs and prescription medicine.

When taking abilify, you have to know that the abilify side effects may include interfering with your reactions and thinking. You should always be careful whenever you need to do something that requires you to be always alert. You have to avoid to wake up faster from a lying or sitting position since you can feel dizzy. You should not take the alcohol since it may increase the side effects. You should not be dehydrated or overheated. You have to take enough water when you exercise or in hot weather. This is because it is easy to become overheated or dehydrated when you are taking abilify. Make sure that you have all information about the medicine including the usage, abilify side effects and interaction before you begin to take the medicine.

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