Be aware of the abilify weight gain

How to keep the abilify weight gain in check

The abilify weight gain has been remarked in the people who are taking it more than these who are just taking the placebo medicine. Some patients may gain too much weight when taking this drug. The weight gain at its turn is also believed that it can increase the diabetes risk or other health problems. In case you notice that you are getting too much weight, it is important if you talk to you about this problem. If you see that you are gaining unexplained weight, there are few things that you will have to do. You have to begin by eating the diet which is healthy for your body and your heart. Such food include milk products, low fat mild, fat free, grains, vegetables and fruits. You have also to eat the nuts, eggs, beans, fish, poultry and lean meats. You have to limit the food which include the added sugars, sodium, cholesterol, trans fats and saturated fats. You can begin to participate into regular physical activity which may take at least 30 minutes every day. You can limit your alcohol intake. If you think that weight gain is becoming a problem while taking the abilify, you can try to talk to your doctor. When you talk to your healthcare provider, he will give you some recommendation on how you can adjust the dosage or if you can switch to a new medicine.

Additional abilify side effects

Besides the abilify weight gain, you have also to be aware of other side effects of this drug. While taking abilify, you can feel tired and sleepy. The people who are taking abilify may also suffer the hypoglycemia which may lead to death or to coma. In case the patient is already suffering from diabetes, they may suffer the problems which include confusion, sick in the stomach, feeling week or tired, having hunger, having an increased thirst and increased urination. Other people who are also at risk are the people who have diabetes history in the family and obesity. There is a risk to suffer death in the people who have the dementia. This is why abilify is not approved to treat the elders who are suffering dementia. The children who are taking abilify can have increased suicidal behavior and thoughts. The people who are more at risk are these who have just begun to take this medicine.  The family and the caregiver of the patient have to be on the look out of any new or any existing symptom which may be worsening. This may include the suicide thoughts, unusual change in the behavior and suffering of the depression symptoms. Any of these symptoms have to be reported as soon they develop. The medicine has not been approved to be used in the pediatric patients who are suffering from the depression. The patients who are allergic should not take the medicine. The allergic symptoms may include the swelling of the tongue, lips, face and mouth. Besides the abilify weight gain other side effects may include increased heart rate, high blood pressure, sweating, confusion, still muscles and high fever.


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